What Is Cha Gao (Tea Paste)

Cha Gao (Tea Paste)

Cha Gao is a kind of solid instant tea. Tea juice is separated from the fibrous matter in the tea by special technology, and then the tea juice is processed into solid. Cha means “tea” …

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What Is Tuo Cha (Tuo Tea)

Tuo Cha (Tuo Tea)

Tuo Cha also known as Tuo tea is a kind of compressed tea made in the shape of bowl, mainly produced in Yunnan Province, China and some are produced in Chongqing City. It is made …

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What Is Organic Pu-Erh Tea

Organic Pu-Erh Tea

Organic Pu-erh tea is a kind of high-quality Pu-erh tea that is non-pollution, pesticide-free, and additive-free. The cost of planting and producing organic Pu-erh tea is much higher than that of ordinary Pu-erh tea. Therefore, …

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What Is Liu Bao Tea

Liu Bao Tea

Liu Bao tea literally called Six Forts tea is a kind of Chinese dark tea, produced in Liu Bao Town of Cangwu County in Guangxi Province. Liu Bao tea is made from the fresh tea …

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All About Pu-Erh Tea

All About Pu-Erh Tea

Pu-erh tea or Pu’er tea is a famous Chinese tea and a special product of Yunnan Province. It is also a national geographical indication product of China. Theoretically, the traditional Pu-erh tea belongs to Chinese …

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