Shou Mei Tea and Gong Mei Tea

Shou Mei Tea

Shou Mei tea or Shoumei tea is a kind of traditional Chinese white tea, produced in Fuding City, Fujian Province. Besides, there is another white tea called Gong Mei tea, which is an upgrade version …

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Bai Mudan (Chinese White Tea)

Bai Mu Dan (White Tea)

Bai Mu Dan also called White Peony is a traditional Chinese white tea, produced in Fujian Province. It is a historical famous tea in Fujian Province. Bai means “White” and Mu Dan means “Peony”. The …

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What Is Chinese White Tea

Chinese White Tea (Types and Benefits)

Chinese white tea is one of the six main types of traditional Chinese teas and is a slightly fermented tea of which the production process is the most natural and has least steps compared with …

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