Ge Gen Tea

Ge Gen tea or Kudzu root tea is made from the root of Pueraria lobata (Radix Puerariae).

Ge Gen is the Chinese name of the root of Pueraria lobata and it is a traditional Chinese medicine. In ancient China, Ge Gen was listed as “official medicine” and served as a tribute to the emperors and nobles.

Pueraria lobata is mainly distributed in East Asia and Southeast Asia and is a commonly used plant in China, Japan, and Korea. It is a perennial vine and usually takes 2-3 years to grow before it is harvested. At this time, its medicinal composition is the highest.

Every winter, Pueraria lobata has stopped growing and entered a dormant period. This is the best time to harvest it. Dig out the root of Pueraria lobata, wash it, slice it, and dry it to become Ge Gen.

Because of its medicinal effect, many mature industries have been developed around Ge Gen, such as Ge Gen tea, Ge Gen powder, Ge Gen rice, Ge Gen vermicelli, etc. In southern China, Ge Gen is a very common ingredient, which is often used for soup.

1. How to make Ge Gen tea

Ge Gen in the market is generally small pieces. After buying it, put 9-15g of Ge Gen into boiling water to steep for 3-5 minutes to drink.

Ge Gen tea looks light yellow and tastes a little bitter. You can add sugar and honey according to your taste. It can be also be brewed with other herbs, such as wolfberry, jujube, tangerine peel, hawthorn, etc.

Ge Gen can be brewed many times. After brewing, don’t throw away the brewed Ge Gen. It still contains a lot of nutrients and can be chewed.

If possible, it’s better to boil Ge Gen for a few minutes, so that the effective ingredients can be better dissolved in the tea.

Besides, Ge Gen powder can be made into Ge Gen paste, whose effects are the same as that of Ge Gen tea. Just add boiling water and stir them into the paste to eat. You can choose Ge Gen tea or Ge Gen paste according to your preference.

2. Health benefits of Ge Gen tea

In China, Ge Gen has the reputation of “thousand-year-old ginseng”. It contains 12% of flavonoids, such as puerarin, daidzein, etc., as well as proteins, amino acids, iron, calcium, copper, selenium, and other minerals necessary for the human body. It is a valuable tonic for all ages.

Ge Gen is not only rich in nutrition, but also has outstanding medicinal value. As early as the Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD), the prescription of Ge Gen decoction was included in the <Shanghan Lun> written by Zhang Zhongjing.

Enhancing immunity

Regular consumption of Ge Gen can regulate the function of the human body and improve the body’s disease resistance.


The flavonoids contained in Ge Gen can improve the activity of NK cells and block the possibility of canceration of cells. It has an effect on inhibiting gastric cancer and lung cancer.

Protecting heart

The flavonoids and puerarin contained in Ge Gen can improve the oxygen metabolism of the myocardium, dilate blood vessels, and regulate microcirculation, which can prevent heart diseases such as myocardial infarction, myocardial ischemia, arrhythmia, etc.

Reducing blood pressure and blood sugar

Puerarin can inhibit the excessive secretion of plasma endothelin, thus reducing blood pressure. Other flavonoids can not only clear cholesterol and fat from blood, but also promote insulin secretion and prevent blood sugar from rising.

Preventing fatty liver

Ge Gen can improve the detoxification function of the liver, promote the regeneration of liver cells, repair damaged liver cells, and make the liver function in a normal state. In addition, it can promote bile secretion, which can reduce the accumulation of cholesterol and fat in the liver.

Preventing osteoporosis

Ge Gen can slow down the aging of bone tissue cells, help the absorption of calcium, and prevent osteoporosis.

Detoxifying alcohol

Ge Gen can inhibit the activity of alcohol in the human body to reduce its damage to the brain and liver and reduce the absorption rate of alcohol in the stomach and intestines.

Regelating menopausal syndrome

Ge Gen can effectively regulate the endocrine and has a good conditioning effect on the symptoms of menopausal syndromes, such as insomnia, dreaminess, dizziness, restlessness, depression and so on.

Almost everyone can drink Ge Gen tea. It is especially suitable for patients with hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, menopausal women, long-term smokers and drinkers, middle-aged and elderly people.

3. Side effects of Ge Gen tea

Ge Gen tea has almost no side effects, but some special people are not suitable for drinking.

  • Pregnant women are not suitable for drinking.
  • People with stomach disease or a weak stomach are not suitable for drinking.
  • Patients with hypotension and hypoglycemia are not suitable for drinking.
  • The medicinal property of Ge Gen tea is cold, so women during menstruation should not drink Ge Gen tea.