Kaihua Longding

Kaihua Longding is a kind of Chinese green tea, produced in Kaihua County of Zhejiang Province. It is a specialty of Kaihua and is a national geographical indication product of China.

The earliest Kaihua Longding tea grew around a pool called Longding pool on the mountain, so the tea is called Kaihua Longding. Long means “Dragon” and Ding means “Top”.

Kaihua Longding is a kind of Cloud tea, which grows in the mountains area with more clouds and mist.

1. History of Kaihua Longding

Kaihua County has a long history of tea production. It is recorded that Kaihua tea was listed as a tribute in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

In 1877, Kaihua tea began to be exported and there was a famous tea called “Bai Mao Jian”. In the early 20th century, with the outbreak of the war, many traditional tea-making techniques of Kaihua tea were lost.

After the founding of New China, tea experts and technicians went to the tea garden around the Longding pool to excavate and sort out the tea, and develop a new tea combining traditional and modern technology, which was later named “Kaihua Longding”.

In 1982, Kaihua Longding was rated as a famous tea of Zhejiang by four evaluations in the province. In 1985, it was elected to participate in the National Famous Tea Competition and was rated as the National Famous tea.

2. Characteristics of Kaihua Longding

Kaihua County is rich in mountains and forests, known as China’s “Amazon Rainforest” and “Forest Sea of Zhejiang”, with a forest coverage rate of 80.4%.

The mountain area where the tea garden is located has a large temperature difference day and night, with an annual average fog day of more than 100 days. It is the mountain area with the most clouds and fog in Zhejiang Province.

In such a superior environment, Kaihua Longding tea is rich in amino acids, tea polyphenols, aromatic substances, and other ingredients.

The picking period of Kaihua Longding is generally in the middle of April every year. The standard of picking is one bud with one leaf or one bud with two leaves.

The shape of dried Kaihua Longding is straight and flat; its color is green. After brewing, its tea soup looks clear and light green. High-quality Kaihua Longding has a long-lasting orchid fragrance.

Each bud is floating in the cup, which has the reputation of “forest in the cup”. It’s the best way to make Kaihua Longding with a glass cup. You can enjoy the visual feeling of tea buds in the cup. The water temperature for brewing is 80℃-85℃.

3. Health benefits of Kaihua Longding

Kaihua Longding is rich in amino acids, alkaloids, tea polyphenols, vitamins, saccharides, trace elements, etc, which have pharmacological effects on anti-aging, anti-cancer, anti-inflammation, detoxification, weight loss, protecting teeth and eyesight, inhibiting the cardiovascular disease, etc.