Mi Lan Xiang

Mi Lan Xiang is a kind of Chinese oolong tea, produced in Phoenix Town of Guangdong Province. Like Ya Shi Xiang, it is one of the 80 varieties of Phoenix Dancong tea (Feng Huang Dancong).

Mi means “honey”, Lan means “orchid”, and Xiang means “fragrance”, so it is also called Honey Orchid Fragrance.

Mi Lan Xiang has very good sales and is the most popular tea among all the Dancong tea.

1. Origin of Mi Lan Xiang

Phoenix Mountain in Phoenix Town has been rich in Phoenix Shui Xian tea since the Song Dynasty (960-1279), and there are several hundred years of tea tree survived in the mountain.

Phoenix Dancong teas are excellent tea species cultivated from the Phoenix Shui Xian tea. Each single species has different fragrance, taste, and characteristics. There is a species has honey and orchid fragrance, so the tea experts call it Honey Orchid Fragrance (Mi Lan Xiang in Chinese Pinyin), or Phoenix Mi Lan Xiang Dancong.

2. Characteristics of Mi Lan Xiang

Mi Lan Xiang is one of the first tea species to be picked in Phoenix Mountain. It is usually made before the Qingming Festival (April 4-6). The tea made in spring is called spring tea, which has the best quality all the year round.

The dried Mi Lan Xiang is grayish brown and shiny. After brewing, its tea soup is orange-yellow and looks bright. Smelling it, it has a fragrance like that of honey blended orchid. The honey fragrance is similar to that of roasted sweet potato.

Strictly speaking, Mi Lan Xiang can be subdivided into honey orchid, white leaf, and sweet potato. The first two flavors are very similar and collectively called honey orchid fragrance in the market; sweet potato is named independently due to its different fragrance and taste.

Because of its wide planting area and high yield, the price of Mi Lan Xiang is relatively cheaper than Ya Shi Xiang. Except for the fragrance and taste, there is no difference between them. Both of them are very high-quality tea.

Mi Lan Xiang belongs to oolong tea. It should be brewed with 100°C water and can’t be steeped in the water for a long time, otherwise, it will have a bitter taste.

3. Health benefits of Mi Lan Xiang

Mi Lan Xiang contains high amino acids, vitamins, tea polyphenols, alkaloids, other nutrients, and effective ingredients, which have good effects on anti-cancer, anti-aging, losing weight, reducing blood fat and sugar, etc.