Rizhao Green Tea

Rizhao green tea is a kind of Chinese green tea, produced in Rizhao City of Shandong Province. It is a specialty of Rizhao City and a national geographical indication product of China.

Rizhao means “sunshine”. Rizhao City is one of the three coastal green tea cities recognized by tea experts in the world. The other two cities are Shizuoka in Japan and Boseong in South Korea.

Rizhao green tea has a short history, only a few decades, but it has become a superior green tea.

1. History of Rizhao green tea

Shandong people have a strong tradition of drinking tea and Shandong is a big tea consumption province in China. Even if a large amount of tea is transferred from the south every year, it still cannot meet the demand. Shandong Province is located in the north of China. Generally, the south of China is rich in tea.

In order to solve the problem of tea demand, in 1959, Shandong provincial government determined Rizhao City as an experimental place of “Introduce the southern tea trees to the north”.

Rizhao City, facing the Yellow Sea in the East, has a warm temperature and humid monsoon climate, with sufficient light, abundant rainfall, beautiful mountains, and clear water.

Then Rizhao people went to the south to study and invited the tea experts from the south to teach them tea planting and tea processing. They overcame the difficulties of insects and freezing.

Finally, they succeeded in the experiment in 1966, making the southern tea gradually adapt to the local environment.

Later, the tea production of Rizhao City was increasing gradually. In 1980, there were more than 300 villages planted tea trees with different varieties in Rizhao City.

Since 1998, Rizhao City has established green tea production as the pillar industry of the local agricultural economy, which makes Rizhao green tea develop rapidly.

On March 23, 2006, China General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine approved the protection of geographical indication products for “Rizhao Green Tea”.

2. Characteristics of Rizhao green tea

Rizhao green tea is the tea of North China. Because it is located in the north and the temperature difference between day and night is large, the tea trees grow slowly and have the characteristics that the southern tea does not have.

In addition, the hilly soil in Rizhao City is slightly acidic, belonging to yellow-brown soil, which is rich in organic matter and trace elements.

The superior coastal climate conditions and excellent environment give birth to the unique quality of Rizhao green tea, which is characterized by thick leaves, strong taste, long-lasting fragrance, and strong brewing resistance. Therefore, Rizhao green tea is known as “the first tea in north China”.

3. Types of Rizhao green tea

Rizhao green tea can be divided into spring tea, summer tea, and autumn tea.

Spring Rizhao green tea

It is the best Rizhao green tea, especially the first batch picked in spring. There will be several batches of picking in the whole spring. The price and quality are different according to the time of picking. The higher the quality, the higher the price.

Summer Rizhao green tea

It is picked and produced in the summer. After a long hot summer, the tea leaves contain fewer nutrients than spring tea and is not resistant to brewing. so the price of it is cheaper than spring tea.

Autumn Rizhao green tea

It is picked and produced in the autumn. Autumn tea is thicker than summer tea. The color of the dried tea is green with yellow and its fragrance is strong, similar to the orchid fragrance of Tieguanyin. Autumn tea has fewer tea polyphenols, so it tastes no bitterness.

4. Grade and price of Rizhao green tea

According to the quality of Rizhao green tea, it can be divided into four grades: super-grade, first-grade, second-grade, and ordinary.

The super-grade Rizhao green tea is usually the first batches of spring tea, so its output is very small and its price is high, but its quality is the highest. The market price of super Rizhao green tea is more than 100 dollars per 500g.

The first-grade Rizhao green tea is usually the last batches of spring tea or the first batches of summer tea. Because of the rising temperature, the output of tea increases and the price of it is more people-friendly. The price of the first-grade Rizhao green tea is from 50 dollars to 100 dollars per 500g.

The second-grade Rizhao green tea is usually summer tea or autumn tea. During the summer, the growth rate of Rizhao green tea continues to accelerate, so its output is large. The price of it is from 30 dollars to 70 dollars per 500g.

The ordinary Rizhao green tea is usually ordinary summer tea. Summer tea has the highest output and different quality. The price of ordinary Rizhao green tea is from 10 dollars to 30 dollars per 500g.

5. Health benefits of Rizhao green tea

Rizhao green tea has more vitamins and trace elements than the southern tea. According to the determination of Tea Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the content of catechins and amino acids in Rizhao green tea is 13.7% and 5.3% higher than that of the similar products of southern tea.

Like other green tea, Rizhao green tea has many other effects. Here are the main benefits of Rizhao green tea:

  • Diuresis
  • Anti-aging
  • Anti-cancer
  • Sterilization
  • Weight loss
  • Detoxification
  • Anti-inflammation
  • Protecting teeth and eyesight
  • Inhibiting cardiovascular disease
  • Etc.